about us

“Plastic Straws are one of the most easily preventable forms of plastic waste”

ECOTASTE has been formed by a group of conscientious individuals and companies who are collectively committed to reduce the toxic impact that “unnecessary” single-use plastics have on animals, humans and the environment.

Paper Straws...

As restaurateurs and bar owners, the natural starting point for reducing toxic waste from plastic straws began at home, in our own restaurants and bars. Customers in our businesses started to ask about the paper straws, and once they knew why we had made the switch to paper straws, they fully supported the cause. 

After a short trial, we knew that together, consumers and industry representatives frombars, restaurants and retailers in UK could seamlessly switch to environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced alternative to plastic straws. Business owners are happy to take responsibility for reducing the impact of plastic straws, and consumers are happy to be playing their part. 

Together we can end to millions of unnecessary single-use plastic straws effecting our health and polluting our environments is our mission.

It Starts And Ends With You

Paper Straws are just the beginning...

ECOTASTE is on the look out for the next eco-friendly hospitality industry product. Contact us if you have any products which will help our customers become more ecofriendly.