Looking for quality Paper Straws?

We only sell quality paper drinking straws that stand the test of time and don't go soggy! Biodegradable and from sustainable sources, Ecotaste Paper Straws.

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The 100% environmentally friendly paper drinking straw

  • FDA Approved

    Our straws are manufactured under the strictest hygiene standards and approved under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) 2011

  • 100% Non-Toxic

    Microplastic contamination from straws is harmful to all life. All the materials, including the inks, used in our paper drinking straws are 100% non-toxic

  • Designed for longevity

    Our paper drinking straws are designed using on average 1/3 more material to provide strength and durability. We have tested our straws in a broad variety of refreshments. 100% reliable solution.

  • Sustainably managed forests

    Plastic straws are made from oil and other non-renewable materials. The paper used to make our straws come from managed sustainable forests.

  • Non-polluting

    Unlike plastic & bio-plastic (PLA), the manufacturing of our straws is sustainable. They are fully biodegradable and non polluting, even if disposed of in the environment.

  • One straw replaces two

    The diameter of our straws is 1.5 wider than the average straw, allowing 1 straw to be used in a drink where 2 straws would normally be used.

Designed for longevity

Our paper drinking straws are designed to perform. We've tested our straws in a broad variety of refreshments.

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Our straws don't cost the earth

Our standard drinking straw has a wider diameter, and is designed to replace two plastic drinking straws. Replace your plastic straws with our paper straws for the same or little extra cost.

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Aren't paper straws a lot more expensive than plastic straws?

Despite many retailers, being able to broadcast their environmental practices, consider the PR added benefits to outweigh the costs of paper straws, there still are several ways to recover the difference.

Many outlets simply incorporate the extra cost in to their drinks, the difference per unit being so minimal (less than 2p).

Some retailers only give out straws on demand. We find over 80% of consumers would be happy without a straw. If you follow this practise, you will save money.

All retailers using our paper straws only provide one straw per drink, recuperating most of the difference.

What will my customers think?

Your customers already want to stop using plastic, demonstrating your environmental practices to them, will make your brand meet their demand, establishing it as a supporter of an "ocean-friendly" global movement.

What will be my customers experience

To the consumer, the experience is "different" but not "unpleasant". Using our straws, it becomes obvious why they are drinking from paper straws and therefore accept the reason and support the cause and your brand in the process.

Don't paper straws go soggy in the drink?

The paper straws we provide can sit in a drink for up to one hour before showing any signs of deterioration. the straws have been tested/soaked over a period of 8 hours and still fully maintain their function.

Why not PLA?

As many retailers are now switching to alternative materials, PLA has been sold as a green product with misleading tactics. PLA plastic will only decompose quickly if put in a composting facility, or it will take the same amount of time as normal plastic to break down. If not kept separate, PLA will also contaminate the recycling stream of plastic. The manufacturing of PLA pollutes the earth.

Do the straws alter the taste of the drink?

Our paper straws are free of toxins, meaning no flavours are passed from straw to drink.

Are there other paper straws available on the market?

Yes and they are largely popular within consumers but the vast majority do not stand the test of time, becoming soggy quickly but most importantly, they don't have the ecological benefits of our straws, such as being biodegradable, compostable, free of toxins and FSC & SCS certified as produced from sustainably managed


How does Ecotaste support #nosuckingplastic?

We strongly support the objectives of #nosuckingplastic and donate at least 25% of our profit to the cause.


By replacing your plastic straws with our paper straws, you will be able to become a partner of the #nosuckingplastic environmental campaign and take advantage of their “partner package” which includes:

#nosuckingplastic stickers for straw caddies, entrance doors etc

• On location photography shared to #nosuckingplastic social media

#nosuckingplastic branded drinks mats

• A mention of our partner list during #nosuckingplastic press and media interviews, publications, and events map pin and location details at nosuckingplastic.org

• Your brand will be included in blog posts about your business and how many plastic straws we've removed

• A #nosuckingplastic supporter graphic for use on your website and social media channels

• A mention on #nosuckingplastic newsletters and mail-outs