Why switch to paper straws?

Together, we can stop millions of plastic straws from entering our environment. Public pressure has already brought many industries to a change on how we operate, source, manufacture and dispose of polluting materials.


  • Environmentally friendly paper straws are today's only viable green alternative to plastic straws
  • Become "Ocean-Friendly" and reduce our negative impact on the planet
  • By replacing your straws you will stop plastic from entering the
    environment and potentially our food chain


  • Growing population of environmentally conscious consumers with an increasing public demand for ethical sustainability
  • Public pressure on stop using single-use plastics is as high as ever
  • Consumers are moving towards avoiding products based on company’s responsible reputation


  • The opportunity to communicate your green credentials to a wide audience
  • Use your environmental practices as a marketing tool to meet consumer's demands
  • A way to differentiate in a crowded area. Investing in innovative products that will improve the consumer’s perception of your brand
  • Larger diameter of straw, allowing to use 1 paper straw where 2 plastic straws are normally used, cutting costs to you
  • A change to environmentally friendly paper straws can easily be absorbed by incorporating an additional 0.9 to 2p to the selling price of a drink
  • By giving out straws "on demand" only, you would actually save money